Learning Ruby & MongoDB & TensorFlow


As part of my new years resolution I am taking up learning Ruby and MongoDB using sites codeacademy and Lynda.

When I am not doing that I am learning more about Google's TensorFlow. As some may know I am an AI nutjob and I would like to keep up with this technology.


12/12/2016 - HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Firebase.

Chicago based athletic company Kettlebell Sport Movement has tasked me to help design and develope their website.

The website is to provide their membership exclusive opportunities including being able to order tailored workouts and even book private sessions with a coach.


TBD - HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Firebase.

Chicago based real estate company The Krenger Company has tasked me with the development of their new website.

This new website shall help easy the renting of properties. And shall provide a great platform to assist employees of The Krenger Company.