Arduino Home Security System

Worked in a group of 4 to bind 4 Arduinos to create a complete home security system complete with lasers, camera,keypad, motion sensors, phone app.

DevTools Scrum Tool

Designed and developed a cross platform Scrum web tool that is easy to use using HTML, JavaScript, CSS and Google's real-time database, Firebase. Group: Adolfo, Jose, John, Pranjal.

Character Recognition

Implemented machine learning techniques like K-Nearest, Bayesian Networks, Deep Learning, Neural Networks to recognize albpabetical letters from images.

15-Puzzle Solver

Created a 15 puzzle solver using an A* algorithm with manhattan distance heuristics. Implemented this puzzle solver using Java and its ArrayLists and Hashsets.

Tic-Tac-Toe Solver

Created a tic-tac-toe solver which allowed a user to play against an artificial intelligent agent which would tie with the user since tic tac toe is almost impossible to lose when facing a knowledgable opponent.

Android POI App

Android application that would provide the user with points of interest based on location currently only Indiana and Illinois are available states.

Android Media Player

Android application provided a media player that could play music and video from given a name of a song or artist. Media player allowed for statistics in the form of times played. etc.

iOS Date Calculator App

iOS application allowe for the calculation of the amount of days in between two given dates. In example 1/1/2017 and 1/2/2017 would yield the result 1 day. Written in Swift.


Implemented OOP characteristics like inheritance, interfaces, etc. to create a personalized version of Monopoly. This Monopoly game was a product of a group of 3 people. Group Members: Adolfo, Harsh, Christian.